Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Back in Texas and swim lessons

Yesterday the three of us made our trek back to Dallas. We were pretty sad about leaving Colorado because we had a great time and couldn't have asked for better weather!
Yesterday was a super long day as we woke up around 3:30am and headed to the airport. I was surprised that Cole did fantastic on the flight and kept himself pretty entertained! Mom and dad were pretty exhausted so luckily he was being such a good boy. When we landed, we headed straight to Cole's first swim lesson. Cole was obviously pretty tired from being up so early so he crashed as soon as he got in the car. He had about a 30 minute nap before I had to wake him up for his swim lesson. Poor guy, we literally had to wake him up and throw him in the water and he was so confused. He did pretty well the first day, he cried pretty much the whole way through but Cindy, the instructor, said that was pretty normal for the first week or two.
These swim lessons aren't your typical swim lessons, Cindy basically teaches infants/toddlers survival skills and then when they are a bit older, she teaches them actual swimming skills. In the next 5-6 weeks, Cole will learn the "swim, float, swim" method so that if he ever does fall in the water, he will know how to float on his back for air. It's pretty cool if you ask me! It's also nice because the swim lessons are one-on-one and only last about 10-15 min a day, but we do go 4 days a week. It's pretty intense but I think totally necessary!
I took a little video from today so you can see his progress over the next few weeks. I do have to warn you (grandparents) that he does cry and looks like she may be torturing him a bit, but I'm just really wanting to track his progress so I can see how he started off. So, sorry in advance!

This is a pretty short week for us as we are headed up to Minnesota this coming weekend for my cousin Justin's wedding. It's going to be a crazy week going from one place to another, but I love being this busy and on the go! We will be up there for the long weekend and get to see lots of family. Can't wait!

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The Volks said...

He looks like he did great! I'm impressed, he didn't even look that upset about it.