Thursday, June 3, 2010


This morning, Cole was in such a funny mood. He drank his milk, then walked right into our bathroom and wanted my pink headband on his head. So, I put it on......Then, he grabs a little remote for our ihome and puts it up to his ear like he's talking on the phone. He walked around our bathroom as if he was having a conversation with someone, just jabbering away. Quite funny! Seriously, who does this kid belong to?

He also found a new fun thing to do this morning. I'm not quite sure how his big head fit, but he likes to go behind our couch and squeeeeeze through. He did get stuck and Nick had to help him out, ha! And yes, I know his outfit is really styling, please don't everyone ask me for styling advice all at once!
Alright! I made it!
I think I have mentioned before about how Cole LOVES veggies! Every once in awhile, I'll try to give him something like pie, cookies, anything sweet....but he would way rather have a piece of spinach. This morning, I was eating my Life cereal and he had a couple bites, but then he saw me putting my salad together and fussed until I gave him some spinach leaves. Weirdo!
And yes...he looks like he's about to go to jazzercize class. Except, he may need some pants. :)

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