Sunday, June 20, 2010

Colorado Part 1

Saturday early morning, Nick, Cole and I caught our flight for our 10 day Colorado trip. The night before we left, I think Nick and I got about 3 hours of sleep as Cole had a pretty rough night. He's been having a hard time with some new teeth coming in and was not happy at 1:00am. So, we all were pretty tired the next morning. Normally Cole is such a great traveler and does so well flying, but with him being tired and almost 17 months, that didn't make for a great combination! He did NOT want to sit in the seat or sit still, he wanted to get down and run. I think by 8:00am, he had about 5 packs of fruit snacks...sheesh! We were so happy when we landed!
My parents picked us up at the airport and we headed straight to my niece Cameron's baptism. They had it at a great park and we got to see so many friends and family, it sure was a great get together and for such a great reason!
Here is Cole and dad soooo excited to be out of the car and able to run around :)
Here are the parent, grandparents and Cameron's Aunt Jenna going through the baptism ceremony. Cameron did so well, she's such a great baby!

Cole with Grammy, or "Meme" as he called her. He was chowing down on some good food.
My mom is so funny, I was talking about how Cole needed his diaper changed and I literally was going to just do it real quick there where everyone was hanging out, but my mom said she would take him so she walked to a nearby tree and laid a little blanket down and changed him under the tree..ha!
Me with the cutest little niece ever!
After we went back to my parents house and put Cole down for a nap, we decided to go outside and play for awhile. This weather here truly is unbeatable! It is absolutely perfect outside and you can actually be outside in the middle of the day without dying of heat stroke!
We brought some small footballs outside and Cole was attempting to throw them with Grammy.
Cole with Grandpa....Cole sure has taken a big liking to my dad. When he walks in the house or into the room, Cole will just run to him. So cute! My dad is just wondering when Cole is going to get a hair cut. My dad is just beside himself because Cole's hair goes over his ears! Don't worry, he will be getting a SLIGHT haircut this week.
So cute!!!
While we were getting dinner ready, Cole decided he wanted to sit on the counter and enjoy some avocados and strawberries. He thought he was hot stuff sitting up there.
Nice Nick!!!
Sunday we got up and went to church then all of us went to brunch at the country club. Again, weather was gorgeous so we ate outside. I feel so bad that I didn't even get a picture of Cole with his dad on Father's Day :(
Since it was Father's Day, Nick, my dad, Ryan and Ross went golfing and us girls (and Cole) hung out, did a little shopping and just watched the kids play. Well, watched Cole play and watching Cameron be completely fascinated with her cousin. Whenever they bring Cameron over, Cole is always so interested in her carseat. So eventually, this is what happened.....
I still can't believe that he ever fit in one of those.
Little miss Cameron, just hanging out and doing lots of rolling! She is such a little character. She's making so many funny noises and makes the funniest faces. My mom says she has a little alto voice because when she coos and talks, it's not that typical baby squeak, it's just the sweetest little sound and I'm pretty sure I have video of it that I will have to post.
We have so many fun things planned this week. Tomorrow we are going down to the zoo. We are meeting some good friends there and should have a great time. We also are getting family pictures, going to a Rockies game and also my class reunion. Hopefully this week doesn't fly by too fast!

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So great! I love that he is saying "Meme" too...that is what his dad called Aunt Mary :) However, his grammy could pass for his mama--she is so cute too! Continue to have a great time and don't think about the over 100 degrees down here...MIL