Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Water Weekend

This weekend was a much needed long weekend! The next couple weeks are about to get pretty crazy with the end of the year senior stuff so it was nice to just spend the weekend playing :)
Friday night, we met up with Nick's family and his Uncle Dennis to eat Hard 8 BBQ...yum! Cole is at that hard age where he does not want to sit in his high chair for more than 5 minutes. He wants to get down and explore. He is funny because he does this thing with his arms when he is "all done" and now he has learned to eat for about 2 seconds then throw his arms out and says "all done". Needless to say, we didn't stay at the restaurant too long.
We hung out at Nick's parents for awhile and decided to just put Cole to bed there since it was late. We had every intention of taking Cole home that night, but we decided to just let him stay the night since we had to go back to the Lewisville area first thing in the morning anyway. Plus, the grandparents were pretty excited to have a sleepover.
Saturday: Of course when you are able to sleep in a little bit, I can't and wake up at 7am. Oh well. We picked up Cole at the grandparents and then met up with the Fisher's for brunch. We had a great time with them and Cole had fun flirting with their cute girls :)
Later that afternoon we finally went back to Kiddie Korral and played in the water. I think Cole had fun, but we probably had more fun watching him.
Cole stole some kids bucket...ha!

He also made a few friends....either that or he wanted to steal his cup
Sunday: Nick golfed with his buddies Sunday morning so Cole and I spent the morning playing at the park. In the afternoon we went to the Flower's and had a BBQ and played in their pool. It was great catching up with friends and watching the kiddos play.
Here is Cole in his swim attire....I was determined to not let this kid get sunburned...ha!
Cole was not to sure about the water as he was digging his fingernails into my skin. :) He has not been in water since last summer so he was a little afraid at first. Whoever was holding him, he had a death-grip on them.
Here is Cole with Star :) She is 20 months old but Cole was still quite a bit bigger than her. She is such a sweet little girl!
Here is Fabi singing with the little kiddos....she's such a great mom!
Cole and I were even able to share some strawberry shortcake, of course he only wanted the strawberries and blueberries because my kid does not like anything unhealthy...ha!
Sunday: We mostly just hung out and played at the house Sunday. Nick blew up our little pool for the backyard and Cole had fun playing with that. Cole woke up on the wrong side of the bed Sunday....we were all playing in the family room and anytime Nick would come up to me and hug me, Cole would run over, and start fussing as if he was saying, "Get Off My Mom!!!" It was so funny because he would try to take Nick's hands off of me and get in the middle of us. Guess he was a little jealous. So after he went down for a LONG NEEDED nap, Nick and I got ready for our own BBQ. We swam at our neighborhood pool and then went back and had yummy food. We had a house-full but had a great time. Sorry, didn't take any pictures of Sunday.
It was a great weekend, now I just have to get through the next couple weeks of school and then it will be on to a great summer! Can't wait!

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