Friday, June 4, 2010

Our Daily Ritual

Our good friends The Hollers have lived next door to us since we have been in our house and they have become some of our best friends! I can't tell you how nice it is to have great friends live right next door, especially when you need a couple eggs, need a good movie to watch, or just want some company. There was even one time we came home to our family room completely rearranged. Yeah, they are funny like that. They have a 3 year old daughter named Lexie that Cole absolutely adores!!! Lately, he will randomly say "Leti" because he wants to go see Lexie. Or, I will say to him, "Cole, you want to go see Lexie?" and he will run straight to the door. So cute! Most afternoons when I get home from school, we will go outside to play and this is what typically happens on a daily basis....
Cole walks over to their front door. He looks in the window and then will start knocking on the window.
If they don't answer right away, he'll go for the doorknob
If they don't come after that, then he will go for the doorbell
And...he usually can't quite reach, so he'll look to me for some help.
It's so cute to watch Cole get so excited when he finally sees Lexie, sometimes I think Cole would have made a better 2nd child because he LOVES playing with older children.
The only bad part about letting them play together, is when I have to tell Cole we have to go home so he can get ready for bed. He throws himself on the floor and cries like he's being tortured.
I'm not really sure what's going to happen when one of us decides to move :(


Casey Holler said...

Well......I think we are the lucky ones to have great neighbors!! Lexie feels the same when it comes to seeing HER Annie, Nick, and Cole!! When she was little, she would call Annie "Nick", and Nick "Annie". When that sweet little boy decided to grace us with his presence, she was constantly wanting to go over. I am always telling Ryan, when we have to move, we will be taking the Seeman's with us. So, he better start finding Nick a job!!!

tracyseeman said...

You are very lucky to have great neighbors and each other! You will be friends forever :) Enjoy the time together and the memories you make...