Monday, June 14, 2010

Bells and Crawfish

The past days, weekend have been pretty crazy but SO fun! Last Thursday was my last day of school, then Friday Cole and I had his first Kindermusik class. I was a little nervous because we bumped him up to the 18 month-3 year class since he's borderline so with him being the youngest I didn't know how he would do. He actually did pretty well but mostly just sat and watched. The teacher said that is totally normal and they get more and more comfortable each time.
We came home and Cole helped me pick up the house a little bit and finish some cleaning.
He wanted to help me clean the back door....
But didn't take him long to run off with the paper towels...ha!

Cole also thought it would be fun to help dad clean the grill
(Disclaimer: I promise that 90% of the time my child has clothes on, but for some reason he never seems to have clothing on when I take his picture)
Later that evening, our friends the Bells came into town from Houston and we had a great evening. After we put the kiddos to bed, we ate steaks, drank wine and just hung out and were able to catch up. PLUS, we are taking a trip with them next December so we discussed places that we might want to go. We can't wait!
Saturday, I had to go to my high schools graduation so I missed out on going to the pool with the Bells and kiddos. When I got back from graduation, we had to quickly get ready for our Crawfish Boil. Luckily, Cole took a 3 hour nap that day so we were able to get a lot done!

Finally our guests started arriving and I could not believe how many kids were there for the afternoon!!! I think was only part of them too! Yes, my son is the one with red shorts and orange crocs :)
And....2 more babies on the way! Poor Stacey, (on the right) she is absolutely miserable as baby Grayson is due anytime!
We purchased 160lbs of crawfish and probably ate about 130lbs by the end of the night! It was nuts how much we had! We sure had a great turn out and it was so great catching up with friends and family!
Here is Craig and Aimee...she is also having baby Brody in the fall.
All the kids ran around, went swimming and also enjoyed some hot dogs
And son has no clothes on. It was hot, what can I say?
Here is Cole with his bestie.....Miss Lexie!
Me and my him!
As the night went on and most of the kiddos left, everyone started getting a little crazy. Why is my husband always the one dancing and being silly??
Like I said....things got crazy. For some reason Nick and Ryan thought it would be fun to have a wrestling match. Pretty sure Ryan got his rear-end handed to him!
After a great party and lots of clean up, we were able to enjoy the rest of the weekend. Sunday we mostly just hung out at the house (we didn't make it to church...oops!) and watched Cole and Reagan play. Cole was being so sweet with her and was sharing his toys so nicely.
Cole watching Sharon take pictures of little Reagan
"Here Reagan, you can have my duck" sweet!
Cole loved Sharon, he kept backing his rear end up into her and sitting on her lap.
We had such a great weekend with all our friends and family. It was a great way to kick off the summer! Now we are getting ready to head to Colorado next weekend and I cannot wait!!! It can't come fast enough!

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